Hypnosis Training Academy

The Hypnosis Training Academy is an internationally recognized hypnosis training organization. Home to over 100,000 active members worldwide, it’s a top authority on conversational hypnosis, hypnotherapy and general hypnosis.

The audience of the Academy’s blog is predominantly male between 40-65 years of age who are interested in improving their hypnosis skills and helping others. However, the challenge with this project was that hypnosis is a small, delicate niche, and many websites in this industry (including ours at the time) are outdated when it comes to design and functionality – meaning our customers were used to this particular style.

My goal as the Creative Director was to transition them into a more modern version of the digital world – without losing them along the way (as attempts to modernize parts of the business previously had failed). We knew we had to change our image to be more appealing to a wider demographic, become mobile “friendly” and have more of a presence on social media, but we wanted to keep our loyal followers too.

The project was very complex and included the redesign of the blog, the creation of a gold-level membership subscription platform and a digital library with over 70+ online training products, an university program and a mobile app.

Before the redesign in 2015, we averaged 19,000 unique visits a month – the blog now has on average 65,000 unique visits a month.The Hypnosis Training Academy blog was also voted as #1 blog in hypnosis 2017